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Photo Services

Got a $100 Bucks - Get a Photoshoot!

Need a new killer Profile Pic? Head shots? a Pic for your Social Stream? or Why not go Old School and grab a nice picture for the wall? 

Depending on how Intricate and Detailed your needs are... 100 bucks should pretty much cover it. 

Includes the Following...

~ 1 Hour of Photo-Shooting Magic

~ 20 Images you can do whatever you want with

~ 3 Professionally Edited Photos for business cards, profiles, resumes, etc

These Professionally edited pictures are no joke, just look at some examples... Plus if there is a particular look you are going for, let's talk about it and let's do it!

These images will be shot in my studio located in my garage (AC/heat is coming) no location shoots with these prices (but look below for more info on that).

It'll be a fun atmosphere with music and beverages of all kinds... shouldn't take more than an hour to take the images, 1-2 weeks to process (depending on how busy I am)...

This is a great reasonable option to get your updated head shots for business cards, website profiles, Perfect for realtors, lawyers, n the like, will come with a receipt for tax purposes. Or simply for family photos,  personal photos, or social photos to show off to your friends (and enemies)...

On-Location Photoshoots

Lets take this outside, how does the backdrop of Charleston, the Beach or the historic city of Summerville sound for your portraits?

For $200 Bucks -  Provides You

~ 2 Hours of Photo Making Magic

~ Any Amount of Locations within a centralized area (to optimize your photo time) within that 2 hours

~ Any Amount of Outfit Changes within those 2 Hours

~ Upwards to 50+ Softly Edited Images

~ 5-10 Professionally Edited Images

This is your time and we can do with it what you wish, but understand outfit changes and location changes take time so be strategic in how you manipulate it and don't worry, I'm on your side and have your best interest at heart.  We can work it out together.

Get out of "Auto" and Go Pro

Want to Take Your Photography to the Next Level? 

or maybe just simply take better pictures of your family and add good quality photos to your photo album of memories.  Maybe when you get back from vacation you would like to see photos that resemble like you were even ON vacation...   

Perhaps you desire more freedom and want to become a full time photographer?  Whatever the reason, I can help get you there.

The session would include one on one coaching regarding everything from your gear, gears settings, editing techniques, compositing, the software necessary to get the job done, and practice shooting in the studio.  

Are you still wondering what those buttons do on your camera? Wondering "what next?" after you switch it to "On" 

I'll guide and help you on your photographic journey, so the next time you go on vacation you can confidently point your camera with the correct setting to get the exact shot your imagining and not just an underexposed/overexposed shot of your child in front of a mountainous scene.

Whether your Local or Far away - We Can Meet in Person or Skype

75 Dollars Per Session

~ Each Session includes 1 hour of streamlined Education 

~ Practical steps and tips to up your game after Each Session

~Buy Sessions in Bulk to Save 20% 

- 3 Sessions $180.00

- 5 Session $300.00

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