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Diversify Your Life and Your Money

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People generally talk about diversification only when it comes to your financial portfolio. They say its the holy grail to keeping your money safe from possible catastrophes, downsides in the market, and overall fear that comes over us when the news blast, “THE WORLD IS DOOMED!”

Although this is true, diversification is very important in our financial portfolio, especially in our retirement portfolio but I would venture to argue that diversification is important in all aspects of life. Friendships, activities, fitness, food intake, just to name a few, can be diversified to bring wholeness. A balance of moderation in these areas can bring happiness to the areas that bring the most stress.

Lets start with its definition:

Diverse: showing a great deal of variety. Diversification: The fact of becoming more diverse or the action of diversifying something. I would rephrase by saying, the ART of diversifying something.

Its not easy to diversify your life, we get so stuck in our routine that any notion to disrupt what we’ve come to know as our normal brings fear and anxiety. We wake up the same time every morning, perhaps plan nearly the same outfit every day, make or plan a lunch, go to work in which encompasses a whole mass of routines, come home, stress about work, spend time with family, go to bed, wake up and do it all over again. We’ve gotten used to this, so anything to say hey instead of coming home, why don’t we go out to dinner instead, sounds like this should be fun right? But the plan was altered, a slight amount of anxiety sets in, obviously not a devastating amount but a little, because that wasn’t the plan or the routine of what you had imagined for that day. Lets take it a step further, you are on your way to work and your car breaks down. What does your heart feel about that? Even reading that what did that do to your chest. Perhaps a little suffocation set in, a break, a pause in the routine has caused now disruption in your work day, money for the tow and the repairs, what are you going to do about a car so you can get to work tomorrow to pay for those repairs.

A disruption no matter how big or small can cause a slight urge of anxiety in our chest. Our routine is now disrupted and we have to adapt. Diversifying your life to accommodate for these disruptions will innately reduce the amount of stress that overcomes you when something abolishes the routine. So now what? How to go about accepting these type of changes?

In the course of our life we typically gravitate toward things that make us feel the most comfortable, simple, peaceful, After all the K.I.S.S. principle is quite popular (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Our comfort zone has molded us in being who we are today. Often times it is when we break through this comfort zone do we find true growth and enlightenment. Being challenged on the daily with whatever goals your striving towards is ultimately what brings us to the completion of that goal. Below is some suggestions in allowing growth in terms of your life through diversification.

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Instead of gravitating to those that make you feel comfortable and sustainable within your life. Find friends that will challenge your worldview, friends that will allow you to grow and encourage your growth. Friendships are hard to make and to build on, especially as we get older. Seeking out people in the groups you're apart of will allow you to diversify your friendships.

One Guiding Point in this would be to ask someone you don’t know very well out for lunch or coffee, one on one, get to know someone whom you wouldn’t ordinarily get to know, see if this could spark off to a great friend that you wouldn’t have had before. If all else fails you get more practice in one on one conversations, stretch your comfort zone and widen your world view. But the best case scenario you have made a friend that will allow and help you become a better, more holistic person.


Typically we get into a routine of activities, pick your routine, and now diversify it. If you're one to play golf on the weekend try hiking instead, if you’re one to go hunting perhaps try fishing. I know changing out activities you perhaps love to do on a weekend where time is precious seems kind of stupid, but the point is to make a change to allow room for growth, knowledge and inspiration. Stagnation is the death of an inspired soul.

Guiding Point: Don’t allow stagnation to run your weekends, evenings and free time. If you feel like you’re just going through the motions, something needs to change. Changing out activities for new ones could be just the trick to spark a new hobby, new passions and goals.


All strength and conditioning coaches out there would say putting variety into your workouts is the key to muscle growth. Doing the same thing, with the same weight, with the same set/rep count will not provide an atmosphere of growth but stagnation. Muscles need to break down to grow, just like our soul, we need to be challenged in order to grow. Keeping the same routine within our training will not allow the gains you are working hard to accomplish.Guiding Point: If you typically run, try biking, if you bike, try running. Instead of hitting the gym and doing the same Monday through Friday Routine, move what you used to do on Friday to Monday, Thursday to Tuesday, and swap Wednesday for Thursday. Diversify your training, diversify your weights, diversify your machines and activities and most importantly your rep count. To overcome the effects of aging, it is best to lift heavier weight with less reps, but diversify your movements.

Guiding Point: If you typically run, try biking, if you bike, try running. Instead of hitting the gym and doing the same Monday through Friday Routine, move what you used to do on Friday to Monday, Thursday to Tuesday, and swap Wednesday for Thursday. Diversify your training, diversify your weights, diversify your machines and activities and most importantly your rep count. To overcome the effects of aging, it is best to lift heavier weight with less reps, but diversify your movements.


We all get into a routine of food and to advise a change in this is a pretty hard pill to swallow and it hurts us at our core. Food is family, its a relationship that involves real emotions and love. For a change in this food category there must be a goal behind it. Whether it is to lose weight, gain strength, or just become a more clean eater. You never hear of someone going from clean eating to having a goal to eat more fast food, chips and pop. Its always the other way around and to maintain that change is the real struggle. The ones that have developed the ability to eat clean on a consistent basis will never hope to one day eat more whoppers. Its those that have the habit of eating fast food on the daily that know what they’re doing is wrong at the very core but know no other way.

Heres a guiding point to start you on this path of clean eating. Don’t drop the unhealthy things you love over night. The worst thing you can do is go cold turkey on the foods that bring you the most happiness. Happiness is subjective as you feel good during the activity of eating a full bag of chips but then feel absolutely awful afterwards and guilt sets in. You feel bad either due to stomach pains as our bodies aren’t designed for this or due to an overall feeling of fatigue from the amassed amounts of insulin build up. I suggest to take one day at a time, substitute one “bad” food a day, and simply after a month all the bad food you’ve been eating should be replaced with something healthy. For example, if you typically bring a sandwich and chips to work with you, instead, bring a sandwich, grapes and a banana. This would be more filling and satisfy your appetite more than what chips could do. The fiber in those foods is far more fulfilling than chips and wont make you dog tired afterwards either. Another example, if a typical dinner consists of chicken and Mac and cheese, perhaps try chicken and green beans. Substitute the foods you innately know are bad with foods that you know are good. Continue the research, continue the substitutions and I am sure you will begin to feel better.


This category is obviously a big one, and can take up an entire blog post alone. But diversifying your income and savings will set you up for life and emergencies. If you currently live paycheck to paycheck, cut back! You need to cut back, anywhere and everywhere you can. Don’t allow yourself to go either further into debt or into debt in general. The interest you pay to the robbers of souls (banks) is so substantial that it will make you have to work till death do you part. We tend to go through life thinking, I have X amount in my bank, therefore I have X amount to spend, instead of this way of thinking, think: I should pay myself first.

Guiding point: Pay yourself first and diversify where you put that money. If you cut back from when you were living paycheck to paycheck and now have an extra 500 dollars in your account at the end of the month. Diversify where that money goes. Some goes to a savings account, some goes towards a drip fund for something tangible like maybe a car, or new fridge and lastly some goes to retirement. Depending on your goals is how you want to spread the percentages of that allocation. If your in dire need of a car, perhaps its best to put 40% of that $500 in your drip fund, and 20% into retirement and the rest into your savings or emergency fund. If you have a goal of retiring early and can pass on a new car, perhaps its best to put the 40% into retirement and then the 20% into drip fund (cause there’s always things we will need to get) and the rest into savings/emergency fund. This is just a suggestion or idea to how you can get things started.


Each guiding point for some action points in the coordinated areas to try and build on your diversification in Life and Money. Your worldview will change, your goals will change and you will ultimately be a better person for it. To challenge yourself on the daily will allow your strength to build mentally, physically and emotionally


- How do you diversify your life, what do you do to try and grow on the daily?

- What guiding points struck out to you the most? and which do you hope to implement?

- What are you most worried or scared to try out?


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